The 2nd and 3rd-room are both just right in the front of the stairs and 4th room is just a little kitchen and the 5th room is the bathroom way over in the corner. I quickly got in the 3rd front room and I saw her sister sleeping by turning her body on the other side way in the corner of the bed where AC was.

I was alone on the whole floor where nobody was on the 3rd floor. I quickly got out of his sister's room as it does not suit what I would say if his sister looks at me, it just does not look good.

I got in the 2nd room and it was already bothering me in sexy thoughts when I woke up from the morning itself being super horny and a little grumpy too. 

I touched my cock in this room just right after shutting the door a little bit and I didn't pull my cock out, just touched it from the outside.

I was touching my cock. I built such a strong erection in my pyjamas again and as I was alone on the whole floor where his sister was sleeping, I realised I just shouldn't be here. No way, there was no business of mine here...

When I pressed my cock with my hands, I was constantly looking at the stairs just to see nobody comes up. 

I just closed the door almost fully and my heart was pounding so fast what I'm doing here, I should be in the Park at this point to do my full body callisthenics workout with Jame..!

I touched my cock a few more times and my heart was pounding and beating so fast that I was almost getting high and on top of that I was constantly getting super perverted thoughts. 

I just quickly pushed my pyjamas down just enough to pull my insanely erected cock out. My heart was pumping just really fast...

I thought I just masturbate in this highness and just super quickly explode everything on the floor and I'll clean it afterwards. I was constantly thinking about what should I do here in this room? 

Should I do it?? 

Should I not? What if his sister wakes up in the other room and I'll have no clue when she will come out??

What if, she sees me in this room masturbating with my cock in my hand, shaking while leaning on the wall...!!????!!

What if, his mom comes up from the stairs and comes directly into this room in which I'm masturbating and I didn't find enough time to close my business!!

Even if, I close and put my cock inside, my erected cock still would be in my pyjamas and would be clearly seen by anybody...!

I would be fucked over if I get caught...